About Tanya

Tanya (she/her/they) is a U.S Army Veteran and the Co-founder of New York Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG). She currently serves as the Board Co-Chair of Equality New York and facilitates the Transgender Women’s Group at SAGE, in their Midtown Manhattan location.


She has fought for the expansion of LGBTQ rights in New York both working on campaigns focused on passing Sexual Orientation Discrimination Act (SONDA) and more recently for the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA). She lobbied the Assembly and Senate in Albany for 17 years, helping get gender identity added to existing human rights legislation through GENDA.


They have helped create the Transgender Transitional Housing Program (TTHP) at Housing Works and developed program protocols which included affirming documentation, life skills, and holding cultural sensitivity competency trainings for both staff and clients.

She is proud member of NYC Metropolis Council with A Wider Bridge a Jewish American LGBT organization. She has been awarded the Legacy of Life Award by New York City Councilman Richie Torres; Woman of Distinction from the New York State Senate Senator Brian Benjamin, the Marsha P. Johnson award, and many more awards.