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Replete Consulting is passionate about providing the tools to create more inclusive organizations for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, & Intersex (LGBTQI) people and the skills needed to develop Transgender Gender Non-Conforming and Non-Binary (TGNC/NB) leadership. Our goal is to educate, restore dignity and respect, and increase equity by taking a deeper dive into understanding what it is to be a truly inclusive organization. 


Tanya has 20+ years creating and conducting trainings to help empower and advance the lives of LGBTQI+ individuals. Their consulting falls into three buckets: LGBTQI Empowerment Training & Workshops, TGNC/NB Cultural Sensitivity Training, and Public Speaking and Moderating. You can find more below:

LGBTQI Empowerment Trainings & Workshops

LGBTQI Empowerment Trainings & Workshops give participants the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the world. All trainings and workshops are conducted using a core curriculum that develops results. 




  • Storytelling: Strategically Sharing Your Experience to Advance Your Agenda

  • Organizing & Deescalation: Becoming a Strong Advocate  

  • Effective Advocacy Tactics for Lobbying U


TGNC/NB Cultural Sensitivity Training 


Public Speaking & Moderating 

TGNC/NB Cultural Sensitivity Trainings give organizations the tools to create inclusive spaces and policies that lead to more equitable programs and workplaces. 


Trainings explore:

  • The role of stigma in society and organizations;

  • What policies create barriers to equitable programming;

  • How staff can support TGNC/NB staff and/or clients

Public Speaking & Moderating include both in-person and online forums. Tanya will strategically share her experience and knowledge to move a crowd of 10 or 10,000. If you need a moderator for an upcoming webinar or small group or a key not speaker, Tanya will curate an original piece to spur conversation or empower a large crowd. 

Below you can find a list of key speaking and moderating engagements. In addition to these one off events, Tanya has been facilitating on-going support groups monthly for the last few years.  


Training, Public Speaking & Moderating Highlights

September 2020: The Body Regarding Lawsuit Against Trump Administration Interview  

August 2020: New York Times Public Interview 

October 2019 Gender Marker X Press Conference with Mayor of NYC Speaker 

April 2019: Albany Damien Center AIDS Walk Festival Speaker


October 2019: Community Healthcare Network (CHN) At the New School (The New School) Keynote Speaker


November 2019: Transgender Day of Remembrance rally NYTAG Greenwich Village Speaker

July 2019: Times Square Anti-Trump Rally Speaker  


September 2016: Transgender Patients Face Stigma Interview with Routers News (Dan Trotter)


January 2014: Colorlines Interview  

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